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1st site map of Chelmza's area take a look 221 kB
2nd site town's heraldic figure and more impressions ... 265 kB
3rd site Chelmza: aerial view plain land's view 234 kB
4th site road sign to Chelmza... skip 121 kB
5th site next route left ... what a feeling ... 102 kB
6th site go on - Chelmza awaits you last few miles ... 117 kB
7th site approaching Chelmza enjoy 155 kB
8th site lake Culmsee Jezioro Chelmzynskie 115 kB
9th site the lake with two more views lake "Culm-see"  192 kB
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10th site the lake's shore wide angle view  177 kB
11th site market-place sunny side in town's center 192 kB
12th site plain view of fields at the lake silence everywhere 184 kB
13th site Chelmza's railway station a touch of... - history... 146 kB
14th site a comparisson from 1908 to 2001 seen both 171 kB
15th site Chelmza's town hall nearby the market-place 141 kB
16th site Chelmza's history a calendar 86 kB
17th site Chelmza photographies for sale pre-information to big download @ 18th site 185 kB
18th site more than 150
Chelmza photos
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Photographies Produced and Copyright by Axel Culmsee, Hamburg / Germany



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