Poland: approaching todays CHELMZA   -   in June 2001

from Gdansk to Chelmza approx. 150 km

route from Gdansk to Chelmza
direction: Lodz
map copies for private use on this private homepage only!



This adventurous journey started with a flight from Hamburg to Poland's north and there to the city of Gdansk (in German: Danzig) where I rented a car to explore the country by my own - just to act as I think best... And that was very fine: going wherever I liked, at a speed I like, resting when I'm in the mood, enjoying the route to the very special destination - while it was raining very hard. No problem, I had a dry place in the car. And the feeling of breathing freedom is great. In traveling this way a long dreamed dream came true. Walking "Kulmsee", to the roots where long ago an ancestor had come from, a person termed Culmsee cause he had no other family name but came from a place where a "See" (in German / in English: lake) called Culmsee is placed. They named him the Culmsee and from now on a new clan was born. - 
Just another imaginable true fairy-tale...

Anyhow let me continue describing travelling. It was difficult to leave Gdansk because there are very few road signs inside the city. By pathfinder's luck I had bought a map collection at 
Hamburg's airport in addition to the road map I have already had - and that was good. But then after a long while and after driving several wrong directions I came to # 1 main street towards Lodz. Now it quasi took me almost straightforward. The way led me from Gdank southwards up to the approx. 150 km remote Chelmza. But not so fast as it can be thought by a distance of one hunderd and fifty kilometers only. Reason above all are the many cumbersome slowly moving lorries that can be passed by hardly only. The multitude of small, smaller and smallest villages do brake additionally. And that's why I had been on the road for several hours. But meanwhile and in spite of the rain I could relax in being amazed at the countryside and in sucking these experiences into me. The feeling of approaching became more intensive in reaching every bigger village's map dot and passing it in real. 
Now finally: the first road sign with "Chelmza" on it! And the sun was shining. From now on the rest of the way wasn't still long. And the way has been the aim to go there...

It was a big pleasure for me!

Maybe some day You will ENJOY it, too, in travelling there.

In addition to this I added some photographies I took into world wide web onto my homepage's sites. 

Being here the start site http://www.culmsee.com/chelmza.htm 
is already behind 
[ behind password protected entry ].

Kind regards from Axel Culmsee 
who from now on is the man who visited one of his dreams: 
the village of Culmsee = Poland's Chelmza, 
53°12' N / 18°41' E






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